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Claims Contact Numbers
If you have any damage from Hurricane Irma, you can reach us at 843-734-0716 or by email  at or The quickest way to initiate a claim is to call the number listed below for your insurance company. Please make sure to have your policy number when calling to file a claim. 

It could take days before a contractor can get to your home. If you need to make temporary repairs to prevent further damage, make sure to take photos and keep detailed receipts.

American Strategic (ASI): 866-274-8765 ext 1851                     Lexington (RPS): 800-931-9546

Grange: 800-445-3030                                                                Lloyds: 877-346-0300 (use client # 2804)

Safeco:  800-332-3226                                                                Access: 888-671-2442

St Johns: 877-748-2059                                                              Allied: 800-421-3535
Frontline: 800-673-0623                                                              United (UPC): 888-256-3378

Lighthouse: 877-852-0606                                                           Foremost: 800-527-3907

Universal P&C (UPCIC): 800-470-0599                                       Progressive: 800-274-4499

​SC Wind/Hail: 800-236-1873                                                               First Protective (flood): 877-254-6819

Heritage: 855-415-7120

Please note: Due to Hurricane Irma, coverage/deductibles cannot be added or changed until after the storm has passed. 
Please stay safe and have a plan!